Carolina Manual Therapy
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Did you know that in the state of North Carolina you can refer yourself for physical therapy covered by your insurance?  Or if your doctor prescribes physical therapy, that you can take the prescription to the physical therapist of your choice?  Many large clinics are owned by the physicians who refer to them, and clients may not be informed about their right to choose another therapist.

CHOOSE YOUR CLINIC WISELY!   Not all physical therapy is the same.  Large clinics offer a gym-like environment involving mostly exercise on machines.  BUT, if you are elderly, have arthritis, chronic pain, osteoporosis, health problems such as headaches, back and neck pain or fibromyalgia, heart problems or neurological problems such as MS or Parkinsons,  you need specialized hands-on therapy to best address your special needs, even more so if your case is complicated by injury or recent surgery.

PREVENT INJURY!  It is wise not to try equipment, group sports therapy or classes without proper individualized training by a qualified therapist first.  At Carolina Manual Therapy we also travel to you if needed; to instruct you in proper use of any equipment you will be using for your home gym, work or hydrotherapy program. 

ENHANCE PERFORMANCE!  Even babies, children, healthy people and athletes can benefit from a full biomechanical manual physical therapy evaluation.  Together, you and Carolina will discover any areas of imbalance, weakness, fascial restrictions, unconscious postural habits and inefficient uses of your body.  This knowledge is crucial to preventing disabilities and maintaining an injury-free active lifestyle long into your later years.

CHOOSE CAROLINA MANUAL THERAPY: a therapist owned and operated clinic where each person is treated one-on-one in private hands-on sessions. Carolina specializes in gentle manual techniques which integrate and respect the whole being.  For no additional cost, you can treat yourself or your family member to individual hands-on therapy and instruction.  For not a penny more than you would pay at a large clinic; you can have your own highly skilled private therapist, trained to safely treat your orthopedic or neurological conditions. Each treatment addresses you as a whole person rather than just a separate body part.  For example: after a total knee replacement surgery, the whole spine, pelvis and limbs must be assessed to correct imbalance in length, and asymmetries in alignment and strength.  At one large clinic, one man was unable to do a timely total knee rehab program after his surgery. Back pain which developed during his knee exercises, stopped him from doing the required range of motion exercises which must be done while the scar tissue is forming. This doomed him to chronic pain and a poor outcome from his surgery.  Another woman with severe osteoporosis suffered a compression fracture of her spine when trying an upper body bike in a group cardiac rehab class. 

You can prevent injuries like these. After private instruction with Carolina, you will always KNOW which exercises and body positions to do, and which to AVOID for your specific conditions. You can learn how to optimize your own body performance for a fuller, more pain-free future.