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Frequently Asked Questions

How can a custom evaluation by Carolina Manual Therapy  help?
Many common degenerative diseases such as arthritis, and osteoporosis can be prevented from getting worse by learning correct bio-mechanics, and by performing routine bodywork maintenance: such as simple daily stretch and strength routines, Yoga , aerobics,  Pilates , dance or even walking and learning to avoid unconscious misuse of the body during your favorite activities.
It is important to have individual hands-on instruction to ensure the correct performance of beneficial exercises tailored to your needs, and prevent doing incorrect exercises which could cause harm.  
For example, a person with a back problem or osteoporosis hearing that Yoga and  Pilates exercises are good for the back, goes to U-Tube for exercises or takes a class and gets seriously injured.  Why?
Because certain Yoga and Pilates exercises are actually harmful to a bulging  disc and can cause compression fractures.  Other Yoga and Pilates exercises correctly prescribed after your custom evaluation, can actually be used with training to heal these same conditions.
What can you expect ?
You will receive an expert physical therapy evaluation which acknowledges you as a whole person rather than focusing on a single body part.   Your body systems are interconnected and are best addressed through a holistic integrative approach.
 musculoskeletal system
 neuromuscular and fascial systems
 energetic and nervous systems
 craniosacral system
 balance and proprioceptive systems
 endurance, pulmonary &cardiovascular systems
 mental , spiritual and emotional systems
Evaluation findings and your personal goals for function will form the basis of further planned treatment sessions on land or in water for targeted hands -on body work and specific gentle movement exercises to balance out your body and remove potential for disease.
In  1:1 hands-on treatment sessions:
Find the origin of any pains and address the causes rather than just treating symptoms with medication.
Experience improved alignment and balance through manual techniques.
Learn how to use  intrinsic energy to promote the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms.
Learn to use the power of water for enhanced therapeutic effects.
Reeducate your body to perform at optimum efficiency.
What kind of insurance do you accept?
I am an in network participating provider for Medicare, BCBS, Tricare Standard, Workmans comp, Vocational Rehab.  I will file for reimbursement for other private insurance and Medicare Advantage plans if you have out of network benefits.  If you would like to file your own claim I will give you the discounted rate of 75$.
I expect payment from you at the time of service and will charge you the allowable amount if you are covered under one of my in network insurance plans and wish me to file for reimbursement  for physical therapy services.